Blanche Echari Graduation Pictures

Saturday, May 7, 2022

This was my first graduation shoot and it was an eventful one with Blache Echari. We shot at two locations (UMBC and Towson University) between the hours of 5:00pm to 7:30pm. Blanche is a graduate of UMBC and now a graduate of Ross University School of Medicine. She's endured long nights and rigorous work loads but throughout the trials and tribulations, she has been successful and will go on to be a M.D that saves lives and changes the world.

It was a blast to photograph Blache since she is the sister of a very good friend of mine. It's always a pleasure to see a Cameroonian who is very passionate and serious with her education and career goals. Blanche is very deserving of this moment and Ross University should be proud to have such an inspiring graduate at their hands. She deserves this and I am glad we were able to commemorate her accomplishment with these photos. Continue to learn, continue to grow, continue to develop. Congratulations on a huge accomplishment, Blanche!



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